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The Vajay-jay Experts

Let’s free up the conversation about intimate care and deliver women fun, fabulous rituals that feel great and simply are great (and debunk dated fallacies).

SweetSpot Labs® products are designed to work in harmony with your body. Every formula is made almost entirely (95%) of plant and mineral derived ingredients. They left out drying alcohol and created water-soluble formulas to treat you sweet. They use purified water, and their natural preservatives are backed up with minimal amounts of synthetic preservatives, to ensure your comfort and safety-our foremost concern. They left out drying alcohol and created water-soluble formulas to treat you sweet.Everything they put into their formulas is pH balanced and naturally moisturizing, soothing and completely complementary for optimal vaginal health.

“Intimate care is intimately connected to a woman’s sense of beauty. It is a source of splendor, love and self. And it shouldn’t ever be anything but that!”

Shari Creed

Founder, SweetSpot Labs®

SOS Style Price Matching Policy:

Because we will beat any advertised Canadian price on everything we sell by 10% and offer free shipping on small minimum orders, we are unable to post our prices online.  So when you find what you want, give us a call and we will order it for you to save you money.  For our complete pricing/shipping policy please click here

To learn more about Sweet Spot Labs™ and see their entire product line please check out their website here: http://www.sweetspotlabs.com/